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Who’s Behind Our Best Ideas?

By Motoinsight - Feb 13, 2020

It’s probably not controversial to say that the best thing about Motoinsight is its dealership partners. Slightly patronizing, sure — but not controversial. And patronizing or not, it’s true: our dealers are pushing their boundaries and comfort zones to help us build a shiny new future for the automotive industry. Without them, MotoCommerce wouldn’t be the leading digital retailing platform for North American dealers.

We’re not just thanking our dealer clients for their interest in the future of automotive retail. It’s also time to give them credit for the support and feedback they give us on a regular basis, all of which allows our team to keep MotoCommerce on the leading edge. Every update, every tweak, and every revision starts with insights from our dealership partners, and ends with a major step forward in ease of use, customer experience, and sales performance. If our product is the best, it’s because of our dealers.

Who are these dealers? Great question.
The list is pretty substantial, but here's a few of the highlights:

MotoCommerce did more than just excite Cavalcade Ford's local Muskoka customers: thanks to an all-new omni-channel experience, this dealership in the heart of cottage country now draws big-city customers from far outside their existing market. Customers in Toronto can navigate the whole purchase online, which drives fresh success for new and pre-owned sales alike.

And when customers do come into the showroom to complete their online purchases, they're better educated and more engaged with the sales experts. Discussions of F&I, accessories, and other details are easier and more positive - it's no surprise that F&I numbers are up. A better shopping experience results in better customers, and better sales.

We've built a lot of trust in our community over the years, but MotoCommerce has taken it to levels we couldn't have predicted by adding new levels of transparency and convenience. The way customers buy cars from us has changed for the better, and nobody can deny the results: our customers are happier and more primed to buy when they walk through our doors, and they're closing at higher rates. MotoCommerce already makes up a third of our leads, and those customers are willing to drive for hours to be part of our unique, transparent buying experience.

Jon Fraser | General Manager at Cavalcade Ford

With a digital-first sales process, Windsor Hyundai is able to keep prospective buyers engaged all the way from sofa to showroom. Effective use of MotoCommerce has helped increase the closing ratio of their internet leads by giving customers the ability to do more online. By providing personalized digital shopping carts, they replace static and unengaging quote sheets with a dynamic shop-from-home experience.

Moreover, by using MotoCommerce on the showroom floor, sales staff have been able to stay with the customer while desking their deal, helping to increase customer comfort. Windsor Hyundai has transformed themselves into a digital dealership, offering their customers a more dynamic and sophisticated buying experience.

Since integrating MotoCommerce into our sales process, it's helped our sales staff desk deals much faster. It has changed the way we do business - from how we work with customers in the showroom, to how we handle our internet leads, and our results are improving every day. We're selling more cars with MotoCommerce, but most importantly, our customer satisfaction has never been higher.

Joshua Woods | Sales Manager at Windsor Hyundai

Provincial Chrysler leveraged MotoCommerce technology to enable an integrated omni-channel purchase experience, offering their customers a car-buying journey that is both convenient and time-saving.

Customers can complete as much or as little of the purchase process from home on any device, seamlessly picking up where they left off when they arrive at the dealership. With most of the deal lined up beforehand, sales staff at Provincial Chrysler have more time to focus on addressing customer needs rather than negotiating price.

“At Provincial Chrysler, it's always our goal to improve our customer experience. As such, we wanted to increase transparency and mimic our in-store experience with customers online. We knew that MotoCommerce was the perfect tool to deliver the amazing experience our customers deserve.

Udo Kiewitz | General Manager at Provincial Chrysler

Since 2011, Motoinsight has been working with dealerships and OEMs to realize a new vision for the automotive industry through our leading solutions including MotoCommerce. If you’re ready to find out how your dealership can thrive in the digital future, visit
motoinsight.com. Let’s redefine automotive retail, together.

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