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Automated Features

Streamline workflows with built-in automation

Gain back valuable time and increase your efficiency by leveraging our automated features to support customer engagement, re-engagement and funnel conversion efforts.

Get notified of customer activity in real-time so you can provide hyper-relevant follow-ups and touchpoints. Notifications are sent directly to your email and can be enabled according to your peferences.

Be alerted as soon as a customer:
– creates an account
– reopens their digital shopping cart
– books an appointment
– submits a trade in appraisal
– and more!

Our suite of fully automated emails can help re-engage customers who have already created an account and save your sales team time by reducing manual follow-up tasks.

Personalize your digital experience with:
– Price Drop Alerts
– Inactivity Prompts
– Trade-in Reminders

New customer accounts created in MotoCommerce automatically push into your lead management or CRM portal with advanced ADF email functionality.

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