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Vehicle Acquisition & Trade-Ins

Increase the volume and quality of your vehicle acquisitions

Inventory shortages are an ongoing challenge. To maintain profits on top of high quality sales opportunities, you also need high quality private trade inventory. We can help with that.

Easy to implement and use

Our trade systems are designed to optimize the balance between lead volume and lead quality.

Mobile-friendly design

With so many customers now browsing from their smartphones, we made it easy for them to submit an appraisal from any device. Each trade tool has been built with user experience and device responsiveness in mind.

All-inclusive features

All of our trade flows and integrations are included in our standard MotoCommerce package at no extra cost.

Multiple entry points

No consumer journey is the same. Whether your customers enter the trade process from an interactive website banner, an SRP widget, or their digital shopping cart, our tools can capture appraisals at every stage of the funnel.


TradeXpress removes barriers and increases vehicle trade-ins

TradeXpress is a trade appraisal tool optimized for customers and dealers alike. A simplified initial form encourages a high volume of trade inquiries; then, a prompted set of follow-up questions provide dealers with the vehicle details they need.

Need to switch devices? No problem! Customers who start the trade flow on their desktop can quickly answer questions about their vehicle history, then follow the SMS prompt sent to their smartphone to easily take and upload photos of their VIN and vehicle.

Vehicle trade-ins
TradeFirst Widget

TradeFirst is a standalone trade tool with a customizable widget

Combine the benefits of a standalone trade tool with an interactive widget for your website. After customers select their vehicle from the search bar, our standalone trade appraisal flow opens with their vehicle details pre-filled, so completing the process is fast and efficient.


vAuto integration connects to your existing systems

For a seamless trade process that aligns with your current workflow, link MotoCommerce to your vAuto account to activate a powerful two-way connection. Automatically push trade-in information submitted through MotoCommerce to vAuto for review. Then, sync your systems to effortlessly alert customers of your appraised trade value.
Instant Cash Offer

Transition trade prospects into the buying process

Our integration with Instant Cash Offer (ICO) lets you increase the volume and quality of your ICO opportunities via a new website entry point and updated consumer flow.

First, engage customers with the appeal of the Instant Cash Offer commitment. Then, keep them immersed in the buying process by guiding them directly to their digital shopping cart and encouraging additional step completion.

Offer shoppers an instant estimation range

With TradePending, an estimated vehicle value range is instantly shared with the customer based on their vehicle details. You can then complete your independent appraisal and provide the customer with an updated valuation through MotoCommerce.

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