Sell more cars with less inventory (yes, it’s possible)

sell more cars with less inventory

As if supply shortages weren’t bad enough already, automakers in every corner of the industry have made it clear that we won’t be getting an influx of new vehicles any time soon thanks to a major consequence of the pandemic: semiconductor shortages.

It’s odd to think that our entire industry could stall like a teenager learning stick on a hill, especially over something as minor as a few microprocessors. But then again, have you been in a car lately? Of course you have, which is why you know how much of even the most basic vehicle depends on computers.

Can you do anything about it?

Great, here we are; no supply, even as demand escalates. Car and Driver recently reported that 40% of car buyers are willing to pay an average of $5,000 USD over MSRP on their next car. It’s basic supply and demand, of course, but increases in demand don’t amount to much if you’ve got nothing to sell.

HOW MUCH BARGAINING POWER DO YOU HAVE? average sold vehicle price vs MSRP

Or do you? Let’s look at some proven ways to sell cars during the supply shortage.

Look beyond the automakers

Car makers may be cutting back their manufacturing with wild abandon – GM suspended production of the Camaro back in March due to semiconductor shortages, and they’re far from alone – but there are still cars out there. Just look out at the nearest street. See any cars? You could be selling those.

Well, not those exact cars… but then again, maybe. When new cars are hard to come by, you need to turn to your preowned car lot.

Get the right tool to power your new strategy

A good digital retailing program is your best friend here. Many platforms are rigid and linear, meaning the customer can’t decide where to start. The top-tier digital retailing solutions, however, do away with these restrictions. We have some great info here about the different types of digital retailing platforms.

This is critical, because it’s how you get more trade-ins, and that’s how you sell more cars during this inventory shortage. By leveraging your flexible digital retailing platform, you can create site-wide CTAs that lead directly to the trade-in module of your online purchase.

Get more trade-ins with TradeFirst from MotoCommerce

Even if your customer isn’t sure what model to buy – or if that model is available right now – they can still engage with you through your trade-in tool. Once they complete their instant appraisal, you’re in complete control.

Encourage customer activity that can be done today

The premiere digital solutions will seamlessly pass the customer through to the next step in the sales process, encouraging them to turn that trade-in evaluation into a complete purchase. Of course, you’ll also receive activity alerts, so you know to reach out when the customer has submitted their trade.

That way, you can deal on your terms. Want to guide the customer preemptively to an in-stock vehicle? Easy. Prefer to secure the trade-in, and leave the customer’s purchase for later? The right digital retailing platform can make that happen. In any case, these tools make it easier to sell, but also easier gain new inventory at a time when that’s the biggest challenge you face.

Success during inventory shortages means building a digital pipeline for preowned vehicles

Carry that momentum forward

Your dealership can no longer afford single-purpose solutions. The industry is changing so rapidly, with so many new hurdles and evolutions, that the only solutions worth having are the ones that grow alongside your needs.

Ready to sell more cars? See how your dealership can thrive online today.

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