Former Volvo executive Alex Lvovich to join digital retailing provider Motoinsight

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TORONTO, November 17, 2020 – Motoinsight, a leading provider of digital retailing solutions for the automotive industry, today welcomes former Volvo Car executive Alex Lvovich to their team as chief strategy officer.

Lvovich joins the Motoinsight team during a period of rapid growth following the recent industry-wide transition to digital retailing and online car shopping. He brings with him extensive automotive experience from his roles in the industry, including deputy CFO for Volvo Car USA, managing director for Volvo Car Canada, and head of operational performance excellence for Volvo Car USA.

“Like Amazon did for consumer goods, MotoCommerce is making the whole automotive purchase intuitive and bringing the industry in line with the modern tools you see everywhere today. That’s why the Motoinsight was so appealing to me,” said Lvovich.

“It’s a rare occasion that you get to join a company with such an exciting and open future, and I want to share my experience so that we can continue growing and fueling meaningful change in our industry.”

Motoinsight’s flagship MotoCommerce™ digital retailing platform is a leading commerce solution for dealerships and OEMs across North America that has provided omni-channel shopping tools for over 1,400 dealers and many leading OEMs including Volvo, Audi, Polestar, Hyundai, Genesis, Honda, and more. The innovative shopping technology unifies the online and in-store purchase experiences into a single, seamless process.

“This year has made clear the transformative power and importance of being able to serve customers beyond the walls of the dealership,” said Andrew Tai, CEO and co-founder of Motoinsight. “But just as consumer expectations continue to shift, our company needs to continually evolve in order to help the industry thrive. Alex brings tremendous insight to our team that will help us better understand and serve the needs of our OEM and dealership partners.”

Lvovich previously held many pivotal roles in the automotive industry since 1999 including finance positions at Ford Motor Company and executive leadership roles at Volvo Car Canada and Volvo Car USA. He graduated University of Colorado and Belarus State University with a Master of Science in economics and management.

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Motoinsight partners with automakers and dealerships to redefine automotive retail. Motoinsight’s flagship digital retailing platform MotoCommerce™ enables revolutionary omni-channel and e-commerce enabled car-buying experiences. As well, Motoinsight specializes in delivering tierless consumer experiences that connect Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III channels into a single, seamless journey. Motoinsight also operates a portfolio of owned and partnered automotive research and shopping websites, which includes experiences for brands like Consumer Reports, Globe Drive, Black Book, Unhaggle and others. Motoinsight solutions are used by nearly every automaker brand, over 1,400 dealership franchises and the largest lenders and insurance companies. The company serves customers in the United States, Canada and Australia. For more information, visit

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