MotoCommerce enhances the consumer’s journey.

Our omni-channel solution seamlessly integrates the online and in-store shopping experience. Omni-channel retailing allows you to stay open 24/7/365.

Real-time notifications

You'll receive a notification each time a customer is active on their account, allowing you to provide timely support at all stages in the transaction.

Deposit and delivery scheduling

When shoppers are ready to purchase, they can submit a deposit through MotoCommerce to secure their vehicle. They can also schedule an appointment with your dealership team so you can collect final signatures and walk the customer through their vehicle’s features.

Credit application and approval

Shoppers can submit a secure credit application through MotoCommerce. Once approved, the deal is automatically updated with the customer's approved credit and purchase eligibility.

Trade-in appraisal

Shoppers who want to do a trade-in can upload vehicle photos and information right from their mobile device, and receive an appraisal on the spot. All appraisals are subject to final approval from the dealership.

F&I, accessories and warranties

Shoppers can use our question and answer recommendation engine to curate a customized menu of accessories, protection plans and warranties that fit their specific needs.

Vehicle configuration and pricing calculator

Our dynamic pricing calculator provides shoppers with transparent pricing that adjusts as they make changes to their deal. Your best lease and finance promotions are automatically applied when shoppers configure their deal through MotoCommerce.

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What is an Omni-Channel Experience?

Omni-channel retailing is an integrated approach to digital commerce that gives shoppers a cohesive experience across online and offline channels. Shoppers can complete each step of the purchase journey from your showroom, or any digital device, at any time.

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We're more than just a leading commerce solution. Our dedicated client success team will seamlessly integrate MotoCommerce into your dealership's operations, and work with your team to ensure your continued success.

Benefits of MotoCommerce


2.8x higher conversion for customers who engaged with MotoCommerce compared to traditional online leads.

F&I Sales

Opportunity to increase F&I gross between $500 - $700 per deal compared to the traditional offline F&I process.


Average 19.5% net increase in lead volumes with the implementation of MotoCommerce by allowing consumers to complete more of their transaction online.

User Adoption

63% of transactions were started online and completed subsequently in-person at the store - via MotoCommerce - where they continue their purchase seamlessly.

“Thanks to MotoCommerce software, Hyundai Express will make the buying process faster, more transparent and less painful for our customers.”

Don Romano | President & CEO, Hyundai Canada

Redefining Retail Together

We work with OEMs, dealerships and automotive partners to redefine the automotive retail experience.