Allow your consumers to complete the entire purchase journey on their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

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MotoCommerce is the most advanced digital retail platform.

  • Increase F&I Sales
  • Drive Conversion
  • Expand Volume
Consumer Profile
F&I, accessories and warranties
Trade-in appraisal
Credit application and approval
Vehicle reservation deposit

MotoCommerce enhances the consumer’s journey.

This omni-channel solution seamlessly integrates the online and in-store shopping experience, enhancing the relationship and customer satisfaction between you and your consumers.

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What is an Omni-Channel Experience?

An omni-channel experience is when the consumer has the choice to complete each step of the purchase journey from your showroom, or any digital device at any time.
Omni-channel experiences allow you to be open 24/7/365 to your consumers.
  • Consumer Profile

    Shoppers can browse your online inventory and save their vehicle in a digital shopping cart. Social logins make it easy for them to create an account where their personal details and vehicle information are stored throughout the purchase journey. You will be notified each time a customer is active on their account, allowing you to provide timely support at all stages in the transaction.

  • Accessories Selection

    Every customer is unique. Shoppers can use our question and answer recommendation engine to curate a customized menu of accessories, protection plans, and warranties that fit their specific needs.

  • Complete Deposit

    When shoppers are ready to purchase, they can submit a deposit through MotoCommerce to secure their vehicle. They can also schedule an appointment with your dealership team so you can collect final signatures, take them for a test drive, and walk them through their vehicle’s features.

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Experience the future of the automotive industry.

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“Thanks to MotoCommerce software, Hyundai Express will make the buying process faster, more transparent and less painful for our customers.”

Don Romano | President & CEO, Hyundai Canada

Redefining Retail Together

Benefits of MotoCommerce


Conversion rate is 2.8x higher for customers who engaged with MotoCommerce.

F&I Sales

We’ve seen an increase in F&I through deals that have touched MotoCommerce of ~$560/deal when compared to average F&I transactions across brands.


~19.5% net increase in lead volumes with the implementation of MotoCommerce to enhance and extend the online user journey.

User Adoption

63% of transactions were started online and completed subsequently in-person at the store - via MotoCommerce - where they continue their purchase seamlessly.