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COVID-19 Update & Dealership Success Measures

By Motoinsight - Mar 20, 2020

The recent outbreak of the "Novel Coronavirus," also known as COVID-19, has put the world on hold. It's the main news story all day, every day, and it's increasingly difficult to escape the impact it's having on our daily lives.

Dealerships are, sadly, no exception. Particularly in larger or more densely populated areas, escalating social distancing measures and quarantine initiatives have taken a severe toll on foot-traffic in dealerships.

Our team at Motoinsight is taking equal precautions -- working remotely, limiting social contact, and generally observing the new governmental recommendations and practices -- but we're also working overtime to help dealers maintain some aspect of normalcy as we navigate these new challenges together.

Here's what we're doing:

Continuous Digital Retailing Improvements

Digital retailing is more important now than ever before. Consumers were already moving online in droves (even in the automotive space), but the new, restrictive implications of COVID-19 mean that online shopping has spiked due to simple necessity. Data from Quantum Metric shows that stores with both a physical and digital presence have seen a 52% growth spike in digital sales due to the coronavirus.

That's why we're continuing to forge ahead with even more energy as the effects of COVID-19 become more apparent. We have always believed that digital retailing was the future of the dealership; now, digital retailing is an immediate necessity. The team at Motoinsight is dedicated to providing tools that will help our dealer partners maintain a sales pipeline by making the in-store purchase experience available to customers in their own homes.

Rapid Onboarding

As in-store sales fall, getting an alternate solution implemented is a matter of urgency. We understand that, and have increased the resources available to our onboarding specialists so that they can maintain our rapid implementation time, even as more and more dealers turn to the MotoCommerce digital retailing platform.

Rest assured, there will be no bottleneck to the MotoCommerce experience. We understand how important these tools will be to you and your customers, and we're not going to make anyone wait to be onboarded. The quality and consistency of this experience will continue to impress.

Ongoing Support

We're still here for our dealer partners, OEM partners, and data or API customers. You have put your faith in us to bring your dealerships into the future, and we take that responsibility as seriously as ever. Just as with our onboarding specialists, our dedicated team of dealer success managers will continue to provide exceptional and dedicated service to our dealer clients.

Despite the many hurdles, we prepared our teams with the tools they'd need to be responsive, insightful, and effective even as they begin working remotely. There will be no interruptions to your service or support, which means you can continue providing your own customers with the at-home purchase experience they need.

Since 2011, Motoinsight has been working with dealerships and OEMs to realize a new vision for the automotive industry through our leading solutions including MotoCommerce. If you’re ready to find out how your dealership can thrive in the digital future, visit
motoinsight.com. Let’s redefine automotive retail, together.

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