Grow Your Dealership in a Shrinking Market.
How Subaru Retailers Can Stand out and Thrive Despite More Competition and Less Supply.
October 5, 2021
2:00 PM EST
The retailer landscape has changed more in the past year than at any point in recent memory. An increasingly digital marketplace has shrunk your world, bringing rivals to your digital doorstep and ramping up the competition even as supply dwindles.
When all your competitors (and their inventory) are just a couple clicks away, digital differentiation becomes the defining struggle. How do you grow your business when window shopping can be done from a desk?
In this insight-packed webinar, we’ll cut to the heart of the issue: your digital process. Our expert panel will show you simple ways to redefine your online experience to stand out, improve operational efficiency, and increase conversions by as much as *80%.
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*Based on MotoInsight dealer data - Average e‑lead close ratio in automotive industry is 6%‑10%, when dealers leverage MotoCommerce as part of their follow‑up, as a conversion tool, their closing ratio increases to 18% - 25%.
Meet Your Hosts
Featuring Automotive Industry Leaders
Matt Moro
Account Manager MotoInsight
Dan Mansubi
Account Executive MotoInsight
Klaris Kovacs
Director of Product Marketing MotoInsight