Redefine Your Digital Dealership
From traffic to engagement to conversion, this is everything you need to succeed.
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Session 3 Summary
Session Takeaways:
  • Assess available technologies to identify those which are complete, intuitive, and drive consistency.
  • Adjust the sales processes to account for the digital customer journey.
  • Rethink the HR strategy to include employees who effectively facilitate digital sales.
  • Train and encourage employees to adapt to the new digital process.
Session 2 Summary
Session Takeaways:
  • Ensure consistent brand promise and experience across your advertising, landing pages and CTAs.
  • Identify key site sections and place them above the fold on the homepage.
  • Streamline SRP and add all relevant information in one view to your VDPs, including real inventory photos.
  • Less is more: clear and simple CTAs drive higher quality engagement.
Session 1 Summary
Session Takeaways:
  • The consumer's need for digital and omni‑channel transacting is here to stay. Embrace the tools and new processes.
  • Use YouTube and GMB pages to highlight your brand promise and inventory, and influence online shoppers early in their journey.
  • Allocate advertising dollars and budget per piece of inventory and ensure your advertising is also omni‑channel.
  • Awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty: align your tactics and effort with your audience and goals.