Help is Out There. Why are You Still Saying No?

The automotive industry has always enjoyed the advantage of being too complex for most consumers to grasp. In fact, cars were always among the most complex pieces of consumer equipment on the market, which placed dealerships in a comfortable position: consumers didn’t just need to you to sell them a car, they also needed your help understanding the purchase.

But the auto industry isn’t the scariest, most complicated entity anymore. The tech industry has us beat. Now, these disruptive upstarts have their hands in every industry. Television? Netflix. Consumer goods? Amazon. Music? Spotify. Even dating has gone digital with Tinder.

In pretty much every one of these cases, these tech corporations superseded their old school rivals with relative ease. We have some clear winners, and some ongoing fights between new and old, but the dynamic itself is the problem: Why pick a fight with digital technology when you don’t have to?

You have the advantage

Digital solutions haven’t been as quick to appear in the automotive industry due to the inherent complexity of car sales, and that’s given us time to see the precedent: everything will go digital. That puts dealerships at an unusual advantage. You know what happens when you resist technology, and you have the choice to be on the right side of the fight.

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So say yes. There are mature, user-friendly solutions ready right now, and they’re offering you their help in
future-proofing your business. Today, you’re not the most complex and intimidating enterprise, but the new kid on the block is offering his considerable influence and insight. All you have to do is accept their help, the way your customers have been accepting your help for decades.

What to look for

One of the scariest parts of joining a new digital movement is the inherent uncertainty. You know that the industry is going online, but you don’t want to bet on Myspace while your competitors are all working with Facebook. How do you choose a winner?

First, you need an integrated, omni-channel solution. Let’s stick with the Facebook metaphor for a moment. Facebook is everywhere. You can message your friends from your phone, your computer, and maybe even your fridge at this point. Your watch tells you whose birthday is coming up and what events you’re RSVPed to. No matter where you go, what device you use, and what you want to do, the information is all right there.

A true omni-channel solution for automotive retailing gives your customers that same flexibility. They can start their journey online, and transition effortlessly between website and dealership at any point in the process. The easier it is for your customers to direct their own experience, the more likely they’ll be to end up in your showroom at the end of it all.

How to make the most of digital retailing

Digital retailing isn’t the same as having an online store. Part of making things easier for your customers means putting in work yourself, which can be intimidating. We get it – if you wanted to build complex e-commerce systems, you’d be working for Amazon right now.

That’s the hidden value of a great digital retailing partner. They built the system, and they know how to make the most out of it. By working with your customer success specialist, you can combine your knowledge of the dealership with their knowledge of the tech. A good digital retailing provider will guide you through the important decisions that make or break your transition.

Get on the leading edge

The automotive sales paradigm is shifting, just like it has for every other industry you can think of. Right now, tech companies are offering their services to help dealers evolve with consumer demands. That’s not something Netflix is offering Blockbuster anymore.

According to MIT and Forbes, 70% of CEOs believe their core business model is under attack, and 90% don’t believe they have the right leadership team or technical skills to adapt. If you’re in the automotive industry, those skills are being offered up at your convenience. What are you waiting for?

Since 2011, Motoinsight has been working with dealerships and OEMs to realize a new vision for the automotive industry through our leading solutions including MotoCommerce. If you’re ready to find out how your dealership can thrive in the digital future, visit Let’s redefine automotive retail, together.

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